The Cuter Side of Things

The Cuter Side of Things

Let’s talk Kawaii!!! The Japanese word for cute or adorable. We all know that the Japanese culture is very artistic and Kawaii is just a form of their art. It is mostly Lolita-inspired, consisting of extremely colorful, whimsical pieces that give a nod to school girl styles and anime cartoons. If you like this sort of style. Then I suggest you check out Lollidoll. A kawaii shop for teens and adults right here in secondlife. The owner (MaceyLemon2) and I had a brief chat about this cute little store. She expressed how she liked the Japanese culture and she makes her things in inspiration of kawaii. Not only does she have adorable little shirts, but skins and makeup as well. I asked her what people could look forward to seeing new in her store and she replied ” I will make new skins, makeups, eyes and more kawaii !! ” So, if you are into this look and want to know a great store to find your kawaii needs then go to Lollidoll.


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